Monday, January 24, 2011

And Then I Fell Asleep

I'm not a writer. I've always wanted to write a book, but I was never interested enough to English to be an English major or get into writing. I have so many ideas floating around in my head that I would love to see come to fruition. As a middle schooler I began several books about my life, although a tad bit more sensationalized. Now that I  have become an avid Harry Potter fan, I would love to write my own version of a series about witches and wizards. Sometimes when I can't fall asleep, I close my mind and go to my own world  full of magic and mystery. It's great fun for me, but it's not a book. But what I really would love to do is write an autobiography. My college suitemates always said it should be titled "An Then I Fell Asleep." Probably because I tended to take lots of naps in college. I love a good nap, by the way. I suppose this is probably as close as I will get to an autobiography. I'm too scatterbrained to write a real book, and I definitely don't have the talent or resources to get one published. I don't have the time, either. I am currently searching for a new career, which actually takes a lot of time. Plus, whenever I start a journal, I lose it. This way, it's on the Internet, so I can't lose it. And, whether anyone reads this, or not, I still feel like I have an outlet for the stories in my life, which I often find interesting and even hysterical. So, here it is: The World Inside My Head.
Today my head is full of fog. Last night I took a Zyrtec, knowing that it would make me sleepy. What I didn't know was that it wouldn't make me sleepy until about 18 hours later. Actually, my stepfather said that this particular medicine had that effect on him, but surely that wouldn't happen to me. Unfortunately, I am now walking through a fog and trying to keep my eyes open long enough to finish this post. The last time this happened to me, I was an international flight attendant on my first 24 hour layover in Stockholm, Sweden. I forced myself to get up from a nap after the long flight in and went out to experience the city. I remember enjoying myself, but it's all pretty hazy. I saw the cruise ships at the port, and I tried to get into this really fancy restaurant that was all the way at the top of a tall building and stuck out over the city. It was a bit complicated; you had to go through a mall to get in. I finally realized that, because it was Sunday, the darn place was closed. After 30 minutes of searching for the entrance (I knew it had to be close, I could see the restaurant!) I found out it was closed for the day. I remember that there were vikings and Pippi Longstockings everywhere in that city. Plus Christmas ornaments, which I happen to collect.  I'm not sure if the day was as gray and gloomy as I remember it, or if it had something to do with the Zyrtec putting me in a haze. I don't remember the hotel where we stayed (I've stayed in quite a few in my day), but I know I went back to sleep off the gloom.
That reminds me: I think I'll go take a nap, before I fall asleep at the computer. What I really want is a good Bloody Mary and big, fluffy bed.