Friday, April 22, 2011

"Wear Donald Duck Underpants"

Today I picked up a book that my mama gave me for Christmas called The Little Book of Calm by Paul Wilson. It's just a small book with lots of different ideas about how to relax - because I definitely need the help. Even though I'm one of the laziest people you'll meet, I freak out way to much. Anywho, I came to a page that I hadn't noticed before. The way to stay calm on this page was to "wear Donald Duck underpants," or keep around some things that remind you of a time when you were more "irreverent, uninhibited," and saw the "joyous side of life." My problem is that I keep to much of those things around, so that they become less meaningful. I have tokens all around my room that I know where special to me at some point, but I don't know why anymore. I think that if I can choose a few special pairs of "Donald Duck underpants" (which I wish I really had), then, perhaps the objects would be more important  and more calming, as opposed to just causing a chaos full of clutter in my life. I also thought it was neat to find this page during my search for my "muchness," or that person that I once was, but can't find the strength to be anymore.

On the opposite page of The Little Book of Calm, the suggestion was to "pretend you believe." It's amazing how little things like this can connect. The other day I thought I believed in all kinds of impossible things, but then I began to question myself. This book explains that if you pretend to be something (specifically calm), then your subconscious will follow and believe you, too. So, here I go, continuing my search for my muchness, believing that I can find it, and believing as many as six impossible things before breakfast. Today, I know it is late, but to get my beliefs in before breakfast tomorrow, I will believe that the chronic vertigo migraines that I was diagnosed with today will be gone by Sunday so that I can fully participate in Easter celebrations with my family; I believe that I will find my glasses that have been missing for the last 10 months; I believe that my doctor is wrong and that cheese is not a trigger for my migraines (it is my favorite food group, you know); I believe that I will have a job before my unemployment checks run out; I believe that my muchness will come strolling back into my life this weekend; and I believe that I will wake up in the morning to find that the house elves have cleaned and organized my room.  Now I won't have to believe anymore impossible things until after breakfast tomorrow.

Time for me to calm down and start believing. Goodnight! Now, where are my Donald Duck underpants?

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